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The Sacred Medicine of Anger

Do you ever feel like your anger gets internally "shut down"... maybe before you've even really felt it? So often, we're conditioned to not feel or express our anger... and yet this energy is a vital part of our life force that needs to be felt and expressed - NOT turned inward. I was honored…

Vagal Tone: Your Measure of Mind-Body Wellness

What is Vagal Tone? Vagal Tone refers to the activity of the Vagus Nerve, and a baseline of parasympathetic action that's present in an individual.  Increased Vagal Tone is associated with overall health, including lower inflammation and healthier digestive functioning. The Vagus Nerve Also called "The Wandering Nerve", the Vagus Nerve runs from the brainstem down…

Emergent Resilience 05: Ways of Knowing with Efu Nyaki

  Episode 5:  In this episode, I chat with Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and SE Legacy Faculty member Efu Nyaki.  We talk about her traditional upbringing, the "ways of knowing" learned from her Nyaki clan, and how connecting to the body and to nature is key to accessing our innate capacity for healing and wellness. Reach Efu…

Her intuitive gifts, combined with cutting edge nervous system & body-based trauma release work allows these amazing leaders to break through their money ceilings, clear anxiety and fear, and confidently step into the next level of their soul’s path

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