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“I don’t even know what’s going on… but something major, major has happened”

my client’s voice was trembling in her Voxer message…

… in the beginning of our session the day before, I’d been a bit puzzled — I saw that she was in an a bit of an old “freeze” response (and it was strong).

she was half out of her body, spiraling off into random thoughts, not quite able to focus…. and her brain wasn’t able to take in anything I was saying.

fortunately, she was able to recognize exactly what was happening… and using the tools she’s now mastered, we quickly brought her nervous system back to a regulated state.

(but, I was curious what had brought this on)

And then, my client shared what had happened…

This incredible woman is hosting a conference on a topic she’s fiercely passionate about

… and, she’d just sold her first $800 ticket.

and ALL the fears arose.

(Will anyone else buy? Will it be what they’re expecting? Am I good enough?)

… the spiraling thoughts started, as her nervous system freaked out.

What Happens When We Expand

You’ve likely experienced this.  It may seem crazy, but when we make that amazing next leap – when the BEST possible thing finally happens… our nervous systems can get wildly triggered.

Whether it’s the first $800 ticket, or the first $80K client… when we expand, then our nervous systems GET to expand to hold a new level of energy.

And that expansion can feel like “too much” to a nervous system that’s used to a certain state.

Of course, it’s NOT too much… and it’s exactly where you’re meant to go.

But the body’s not yet accustomed to the amount of energy, or the new frequency that you’re holding. 

And when there’s been a history of trauma, this surge of energy can actually trigger a trauma response in the body.

This is why it’s so helpful to know how to support your body and nervous system as you move through these shifts

… so you can comfortably hold that frequency you’re creating… without going into unconscious old patterns of anxiety; or physical symptoms like migraines, digestive issues, adrenal fatigue…. and all the things that can be triggered by an overload of stress.

Coming Back to Center

✨ “I can’t believe it” my client told me, in her message… “my fears are actually, completely gone”

… and she described how she’d physically FELT the fear discharge from her body, after our session.

✨ and, because she knows how to skillfully work with her nervous system, she’s now able to flow THROUGH the natural roller coaster of emotions as she continues on with her awesome work…

✨ so she can get all the things done for her conference, and allow IN the flow of continued sales — without losing precious time and energy to “managing” stress responses.

To be fair, this shift wasn’t overnight…. there was a good amount of re-building skills in the body that we needed to do, first, in order to create the ability to shift those triggered states in the moment.

When there’s been early developmental trauma, in particular… the nervous system needs to learn an entirely new experience of feeling safe in the world.

And if the body is still doing it’s old patterns of anxiousness or insomnia or digestive issues (that you know aren’t about what you’re eating)…  there’s a good chance that your nervous system needs some more care and attention, to be able to FEEL that it’s safe. Safe to exist, to express, and to expand.

(I’ve noticed that high achievers, in particular can find themselves in a bit of cognitive dissonance when these kinds of states hit). 

You’re used to being able to carry yourself through, and successfully do all the things that you can handle, flawlessly…. until the nervous system’s stuck in a trauma loop.

And even though you’re doing the meditation, the mindfulness practices, the journaling every night… the body is still continuing to go a little haywire with stress responses.

But, like my client who’s continued to show up for herself… it’s 100% possible to shift and create the new experience in the body that you’re here to enjoy. 

Healing Generational Trauma

IF that wasn’t enough —

The next morning after my client had the whole system breakthrough and discharged the old fear energy…. her young daughter came up to her, and just announced very simply, out of the blue:

“Mommy……. I lost all my fears last night”


(I know you’ve seen this, too, manifestor that you are… you shift your energy, and the world shifts and changes WITH you).

… and the effects of your transformation GET to spiral outward.

THIS is how we heal generational trauma that gets passed down – by consciously meeting and transmuting our own stuff.  

So that it doesn’t get passed down to the next generation.

This is how the healing moves both forward and back in time. 

Beyond Fixing

Something I’m really passionate about, as we move into the new frequencies that we’re meant to hold and anchor here on earth, is moving beyond the old paradigms of “what needs to be fixed.”

It’s easy to get hooked on that endless cycle of figuring out what’s wrong with ourselves, digging endlessly deeper, and searching for the next thing to fix us.

Odds are, you’ve done all that a million times over.

✨ Truth:  You are complete. You are enough. You hold the keys to your own transformation.  

and, if you want immediate shift and support around rapidly moving to your next level of creation/ magic/ income leaps …. reply to this and let’s chat about how we can work together.

(Even though it’s rarely ABOUT the money, for my clients… the money leaps in particular tend to be a thing that can spiral us out).  

Until you have the practical skills and tools to hold the frequency, in your body, of the next-level you…. without the body freaking out. 

Living from the overflow, and in that financially resourced place, is key to fully sharing your purpose and experiencing and BEING all you’re here for.

That’s why it’s time for the lightworkers to be fully resourced and financially abundant… so you can do all that you’re here to do. 

Message me if you want to chat more about how we can work together to allow this ease and flow into your business and life.

You can also join me in my Facebook group The Resilient Goddess: Rewire Your Nervous System and Thrive.

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