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I'm currently offering remote readings of your personal Astrology Chart

How it works..

Purchase here, and send me your birth info, plus any particular Q’s or topics you’d like insight on

 I’ll open up your chart and check out the current energy patterns and upcoming forecast, related to…

  • relationships
  • business or career
  • health and energy
  • best timing for major decisions
  • the soul lessons you’re embodying
  • upcoming shifts or transitions
  • etc.
you’ll receive an mp4 video recording of your reading, walking you through your chart, for you to revisit as often as you need.
also included:  suggested action steps, somatic practices, and journaling prompts to integrate the energy shifts with ease!
current turnaround time for readings is 5 business days.
Please purchase here, and then use the form to send me all your info! 
I’ll confirm once received, and you’ll have your video within 5 business days.

Common Questions Might Include...

  • What’s my true purpose? How in alignment am I with my soul’s path?
  • What themes and lessons are happening for me this upcoming year?
  • Is this a good time for me to make a change or take a leap?
  • How can I align my money story to the highest possible timeline?
  • What’s really happening in my relationship?
  • How can I call in a soul partner?
  • How does my work or business most want to expand at this time?
  • What kinds of generational patterns am I carrying, that are ready to release?
  • How can I exponentialize my creativity and gifts for my highest expansion?

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