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hi, I'm Rachel... Personal and Spiritual Coach and Mentor to High-Achieving, Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs.

i’m the secret weapon behind spiritual leaders and conscious entrepreneurs — helping them increase their impact and income through regulating their nervous system and releasing stored stress and trauma.

My Story

I’ve been on a spiritual journey since age 3 – and my life’s been driven by parallel quests on the physical and spiritual levels. 

raised in a deeply religious home, I was fiercely devoted to my spiritual path, while also deeply questioning…  as a young kid I was sorting through gaps in theology, and unpacking discrepancies in everything I was taught.  (I’d find my way, though it would be a wild ride).

at fourteen, I became ill with what appeared to be some kind of stubborn virus, accompanied by massive brain fog and a host of bizzare neurological symptoms that wouldn’t go away (for months, then years).

I was eventually diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder called Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

I learned to give myself shots daily to boost my immune system, and the word from the doctors was that it would never fully go away –  but could be managed with medication and lifestyle adjustments.

not satisfied, this launched my lifelong  exploration into the worlds of alternative medicine and holistic health.


I sought out everything I could find in the holistic health worlds and diligently applied it.  I learned a ton, improved a lot of symptoms massively, but still had to manage my health all the time, and flare-ups were unpredictable.

Drawn to creative work, I studied acting, received a BFA in Theater Performance, and spent several years doing theatre and film work around LA.  

While I’ll always love acting, I now know that I was really in search of the experience of fully *being the channel* – allowing the life force energy and creative flow to pour through me, every day.

I also managed to direct my  passion for body-mind wellness into studying massage, specializing in a type of work called Myofascial Release, which had profound effects in injury recovery and releasing stored trauma from the body.  I worked in chiro and acupuncturist offices, and then opened my private practice in LA, which I ran for the next ten years.

highly successful on the outside with a waitlist to work with me, I loved my work.  inside, I was managing my own health and clinical depression…. along with seeming “blocks” in my ability to fully create all I wanted to manifest.

and at the core of it all: a high level of dysregulation in my nervous system (though I wasn’t fully aware of that, yet).

Turning Point

I hit a healing crisis in 2016 when i went off antidepressant meds that had been keeping my brain functioning, and spiralled out epically for about 18 months. 

the withdrawal symptoms from the meds contributed to a perfect storm, as dormant physical symptoms returned with a vengeance, and stored trauma and terror flooded my nervous system 24/7.

(I won’t try to describe the dark night of the soul passage that I experienced here, as I’ve made peace with never having words for it in this lifetime).

but, the important point: it was during this darkest hour that I was introduced to nervous system regulation work and body-based trauma release.

working with my nervous system (on multiple levels) was what finally turned it all around.

and after an intense (2 year) period of learning and embodying what it truly means to regulate the nervous system, there was a  day when I realized that not only was I finally back in my body and feeling good- but the health symptoms I’d been living with for three decades were 100% gone.

what’s wild is that I’d been doing all the meditation, mindset, body-mind practices and energy work, and connecting on the spiritual realms for years… but when I cleared the trauma from my body and nervous system, all that work finally had a place to land.

I cried with relief, for weeks on end… when I realized that after thirty years, the thing that I’d given up hope on ever happening was actually here.

my health was fully back. 

it felt good to be alive, and in my body. 

and I got to just be here, and enjoy it.

Next Steps

reclaiming my full health in my forties was a totally wild experience… I’d completely forgotten what it felt like to have all the energy I needed, and just feel good in my body, as a normal thing. 

seeing firsthand the power of regulating the nervous system, my next step was to immediately launch into a 3 year training program as a Somatic Experiencing Practioner® ( SEP) as I knew there was powerful medicine here for creating self-regulation.

bringing in my spiritual work and intuitive gifts that had been operating quietly behind the scenes for years, I eventually closed down my bodywork practice to coach, mentor, and support clients in creating the most lasting change at deeper levels.

(Truth: I can do the deepest work without physically touching you in person).

More Surprises

in 2023, I suddenly had the desire out of the blue to pack up and go travel full time. (North Node in Sagittarius  and Aquarius stellium- iykyk).

and I realized with a jolt that the healing was THAT complete… because for decades, an adventure like this would have been completely outside my reality to even imagine.

(Update, 2024 – I’ve spent the past six months having incredible experiences traveling through Ecuador, Colombia, Buenos Aires, & Uruguay- find fun stuff here and here).

our bodies and minds have profound capacity to heal, expand and thrive – I’m your guide to quickly access this creative power, so you can expand into your full potential and create your next leap in income and impact. (and  adventure, if it calls?)

my clients are often already highly successful, rocking it out with their mission, but still carrying some dysregulation in the nervous system that’s capped their income and their ability to create the full impact that they’re here for. 

for those who love to know the “how” – I work with my own channeled blend of work, drawing from my background in  Myofascial Release, Somatic Experiencing®, Somatic EMDR, the Akashic Records, Astrology and various body-mind practices.  I work completely virtually, and my gift is in tuning into your system for what’s needed to move into regulation and flow.

when we clear and regulate the nervous system, my clients experience results much more easily and quickly —  and any other transformational work they’re up to has the ability to land and take effect in an immediate way. 

clients often hire me because they want to move from 6 to 7 figures (or their next leap) without feeling frazzled and exhausted…  and they know they need their nervous system on board with the expansion, and working FOR them (instead of spinning out).

they want to manifest more quickly, and sense that regulating the nervous system is the missing piece.

this is my sweet spot:  helping you expand with ease ( it gets to be fun!)

I work with leaders who are in their mastery, see themselves as sovereign beings and fully own their journey… are not looking to be “fixed”, but to quickly expand to their highest capacity. 

my clients are typically highly creative, sensitive, and intelligent, and and frequently labelled neurodivergent.  you may be drawn to work with me because your gifts are ready for their next level of expression – and on their own terms. 

you need your nervous system fully regulated, to support your zone of genius in your work- and, yes: it gets to feel good to be in your body every day.

you know you want to be held in a crystal-clear space blending the energetic/ spiritual and somatic work to regulate your nervous system and hold you in your highest frequency.

if this is you, I’m delighted to partner with you in your expansion in service to humanity and bringing your light.

options for how we can work together are here

you can book a call with me here

or, drop me a note at


Her intuitive gifts, combined with cutting edge nervous system & body-based trauma release work allows these amazing leaders to break through their money ceilings, clear outdated anxiety and fear, and confidently step into the next level of their soul’s path. 

Rachel’s currently on a full-time travel and nomadic journey, expanding her capacity for joy through exploring beautiful places in nature, trusting the path as it unfolds, and creating “home” in connections all around the planet.

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