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Soul Journeys® Akashic Records Certification Program

A 3-level online certification program, from The Soul Journeys® School for Spiritual Studies and the Soul Journeys® Method of Akashic Record Consultations, created by Jennifer Longmore.

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You are invited on a fascinating adventure exploring the Akashic Records. Join me!

As a certified Soul Journeys® Trauma-Informed Akashic Records Master Consultant & Teacher, I’d love to invite you on a journey to learn to read the Akashic Records.

The Soul Journeys® School for Spiritual Studies and the Soul Journeys® Method of Akashic Record Consultations were created by Jennifer Longmore after she spent many years facilitating over 20,000 multidimensional healings through various sacred tools, including the Akashic Records.

For me, learning to work with the Records has ultimately been a journey of connecting to what I always knew, felt and sensed.

It was a Homecoming into fully owning the truth and the power of my own connection to Source, trusting the information and guidance that I’d always been channeling (but didn’t fully know how to connect to, or understand).

Working with the Records has given me a clear path into confident connection of all that I know, and how to access the truth that’s available to us, always.

Working in the Akashic Records, you’ll learn to…

  • Shift out of “monkey mind” and access the energetic field of all possibilities
  • Understand the unique and specific ways you channel and receive information, and hone your ability to discern what’s coming through
  • Tap into your clear inner knowing in matters of the heart, career, business, and your life path
  • Clear and release limiting contracts, beliefs, and energy patterns
  • Hold a deeper space for others, and activate their healing
  • Access frequencies and codes to switch on your highest potential 
  • Align more fully with your soul’s purpose

…and so much more

This Online Certification Program has 3 levels:

Level 1

Contact me to join the Waitlist for the next Level 1 class


Learn to shift out of the “monkey mind” and access a deeper field of knowing, understand your gifts and the specific ways you channel & access information, clear and release past programming and energy patterns, and receive deeper guidance and clarity on your purpose and next aligned steps.

No prerequisites required

$897 $797 early bird

payment plan x3

*please note that this purchase is non-refundable*

Level 2

Contact me to join the Waitlist for the next Level 2


 In Level Two, you’ll learn how to open and read the Records for others, and dive into even deeper levels of healing and energy clearing for yourself.

Prerequisite: Level 1

$997 $897 early bird

payment plan x3

*please note that this purchase is non-refundable*

Level 3

Contact me to join the Waitlist for the next Level 3

10am – 5pm MST

Learn advanced techniques to facilitate deeper healing for both yourself and others; become a certified professional in the Soul Journeys® Method upon completion of all requirements.

Prerequisite: Levels 1 & 2


payment plan x3

*please note that this purchase is non-refundable*

What’s Included in Your Training


  • Two immersive days of live online training for each level via Zoom, in a safe, supportive and nurturing environment
  • All Calls are recorded for you to keep.  even if you can’t make it live, or have to miss a portion, you’ll receive the same energies and activations….and you can revisit the calls as often as you like to re-listen to the information.

  • A comprehensive Akashic Records Manual – 100+ pages of exclusive content about the Soul Journeys® Akashic Records Method, including empowering exercises for your soul’s expansion and alignment
  • Optional Private Facebook group you can join, to ask questions and receive support as you practice and explore in your Records
  • Bonus Q&A call 2 weeks after class completion for Q&A and additional support
  • Certification of completion for each level
Bundle of 3
If you already know you are meant to do the deep dive on your healing path, and have the option to lead others as a certified Soul Journeys® Akashic Records Consultant (or incorporate this work into other modalities you practice), then you can choose this option and save $669 on your investment.
(All three levels, plus practice hours, are required for certification).
BONUS: Invest in your growth with the full-pay option for all three levels, and you will ALSO receive a 1:1 sixty-minute Astrology Reading with me!
(Choice of: Life Path & Purpose, Business Guidance, or Personal Current Forecast Reading )

Her intuitive gifts, combined with cutting edge nervous system & body-based trauma release work allows these amazing leaders to break through their money ceilings, clear outdated anxiety and fear, and confidently step into the next level of their soul’s path. 

Rachel’s currently on a full-time travel and nomadic journey, expanding her capacity for joy through exploring beautiful places in nature, trusting the path as it unfolds, and creating “home” in connections all around the planet.

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