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As the powerhouse manifestor that you are, who can easily call in your next income leap with ease, here’s a power manifesting practice that you can embody today…. 

one of your most powerful tools as a magical manifestor is neutrality.

I know, it may not sound like the sexiest practice in the world…. but truth is that when you can skillfully hold a space of neutrality, you’re not attached to the outcome.  

you’re not in a push-pull with all the energy of what you’re calling in (and all the stuff that gets in the way)

this allows you to be in receiving mode —  so what you’re calling in can come much more quickly. 

Responding in the Moment

the challenge… how do you stay in neutrality when you’re looking at your bank account balance, and it’s not where you want it to be?

or when you receive that email, telling you that the client’s going to be late on payment– which means you’re not sure how you’re going to make payroll this month?

… it’s tough to stay neutral when your nervous system’s in a full on fight / flight response, the brain’s on fire, and your heart won’t stop racing.

In these moments, you need more than “take a deep breath.”

In fact, I’m gonna say that what you need isn’t another tool or practice.

What you need a nervous system that’s regulated, and knows how to operate in flow (even under stress).

… this doesn’t happen by frantically trying to spaghetti-sling practices, when you’re already activated beyond your ability to stay present. 


…. it’s about a deep and complete rewiring, from the bottom up —  so that your nervous system knows how to respond appropriately to stress in the moment. 

so you can stay grounded and centered and connected, even when the triggers hit.

so you can stay in your genius creative zone

… instead of getting stuck in a stress loop of racing thoughts, pounding heart, panicky feelings, and an inability to fully focus on the rest of your day’s priorities. 

If you’re ready to manifest from a space of ease and flow day-to-day, this happens by creating a baseline of regulation in your nervous system. This allows you to respond to that triggered moment (like when the unwanted email hits your inbox) from a space of conscious connection

Truly changing the patterns often requires discharging stored survival stress that’s been causing traffic jams in your nervous system.

This allows you to recalibrate to a whole new relationship with your manifesting power… so you can relax into the knowing that it’s an abundant universe and there’s always enough. Of course, this allows you to masterfully call in more.

and you can stay in a powerful, relaxed space of neutrality and ease, and call in what you desire more quickly.

Interested in recalibrating your nervous system for ease as a powerful manifestor? We may be a great fit to work together, and you can find my current offerings right here.