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On Saturday, April 20th, 2024, the Jupiter Uranus conjunction will bring together the planet of abundance and expansion (Jupiter) with your higher mind and consciousness (Uranus). This is a meeting that happens just once every 14 years.

In this article, we’ll go through what this transit means, and how to best work with this expansive energy!


Jupiter represents expansion, abundance, and all the goodness of being alive and in a body.

Your original creative power is represented here, manifesting the abundance that you’re here for and expanding ever greater.

Keep in mind that Jupiter also expands anything he touches — so any transit involving Jupiter will feel big!


Uranus represents your original mind — your higher consciousness. He represents waking up to your highest level of conscious awareness. Uranus energy brings the visions of the future, downloading insights and creating what hasn’t existed before.

Pivoting quickly and sharply, Uranus may bring sudden events, unexpected plot twists, or a reversal of something you expected to happen.

Never fear — Uranus’ sole job is to wake you up to your next level of consciousness. The key to Uranus transits is flexibility, as things may shift suddenly. You can lean into knowing and trusting that your higher self is guiding you, always.

Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction

When these two powerhouses meet up, we’re treated to an epic passage of expansion in all that you’re creating.

The key to Jupiter transits is to remember that you are the one who holds this magnetic, creative power.. it’s not outside of you. You ARE this expansion.

The key to Uranus transits is twofold: be open to the inspiration, and hold loosely to what is. Not being attached is key, as things may shift suddenly.

While magic and seeming miracles are possible during this transit, remember that you are the creator and manifestor of your life. The miracles are not “out there”…. you are the holder of the magic.

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