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Embodied Astrology: Retrogrades as Portals for Healing & Growth  I’m SO excited to share my latest interview on the “Inner Work” podcast, with my very dear friend and colleague, Josephine Hardman!   in this episode, we chat about …  
  • the Venus and Mercury retrogrades we’re currently in — and the power of these healing portals
  • all of the clearing, releasing, and re-setting that’s happening right now!
  • the common tendency to “overgive” as healers and practitioners… and how to trust the client’s journey, instead
  • why attunement to a clients’ nervous system is key to effective transformation
  • blending astrology and spiritual work with nervous system regulation
  • my upcoming Embodied Astrology program
  ListenTap into the Benefits of Mercury Retrograde. Ready to thrive in this Mercury retrograde in Virgo? I’ve recording a guided somatic meditation to support you in soaring through the twists and turns of this inner journey with connection, grace, and ease. You can download it right here. Enjoy this Mercury Retrograde, and the brilliance and genius coming through you!

Ready for More Wisdom from the Cosmos?

If you’re looking to dive deep and learn how to skillfully read charts for yourself and others, while learning somatic regulation tools for embodying deep transformation — check out my Embodied Astrology for 5D Living program, here.   Learn more about me, here.