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Why you don’t need to fear Mercury Retrograde (and why I look forward to it)


…. Mercury Retrograde gets a bad rap… and gets blamed for a lot of random things

And while technical and communication things DO tend to go wacky, especially near the turnaround dates, I want to offer that this period when Mercury appears to be retrograde from our viewpoint is NOT something to fear, dread, or even shy away from.

(Obv, the planet doesn’t actually turn around — it’s just our PERSPECTIVE that makes it look like it’s moving backwards — isn’t that interesting?)


Mercury represents our thinking, logical, mental body. (All planets go retrograde, but we only make a big deal about Merc— I think this is because we’re such a thought and mental-dominated society). And this reversal of our usual patterning… resulting in a deep dive inward, a rebooting, a re-set- can tend to cause delays and frustrations.

But, what if instead of responding with frustration — what if instead, it was a tap on the shoulder to slow down, to think differently, to allow the mental patterns to naturally go inward more deeply for insight, renewal, and profound transformation?

Here’s just a few things that retrogrades are awesome for…

:: reviewing, updating, revising

:: seeing nuances and depths that you missed when you were moving forward full speed ahead

:: deep dives into healing work — going even deeper beneath the surface

:: experiencing a new way of BEING with the mental processes — letting go of tightly held patterns, and allowing for transformation at a deeper level

some ways your business can soar during Mercury Retrograde

:: revising offers– intuitively going under the surface to diagnose what works, what doesn’t

:: old connections being revisited — past clients and contacts may reach out (or you may want to reach out to them)

:: revamping and re-creation of past programs, offers, or courses that are ready to be born in a new way

:: decluttering and clearing your computer, files, desk, etc. to create space for the new cycle of energy

:: clearing out old money patterns, beliefs that don’t serve you, etc. etc.


If you know where in your chart the retrograde falls, it can also bring more insight — the house it happens in can show what area of your life is the MOST up for revising, renewal, and deep release.

And the ways in which Mercury interacts with your natal planets tells a story of exactly what’s up for revising and renewal.

I have a client who has her natal Pluto conjunct Mercury RIGHT as it’s stationing…. and she’s in an intense period of lots of communication and negotiations that go DEEP.

She’s also in some profound healing work around her mindset (which Mercury Rx is awesome for — because we get to reverse and rewire the mental patterns that no longer serve us).

What’s helpful in this client’s case is being aware that all she’s been processing over the past month is going to be revisited even more fully as Mercury retraces his tracks.

and, because she can hold the awareness of the Plutonian levels of transformation happening — it doesn’t have to feel like “too much”.

She can be IN it — and also be aware that the fact that things FEEL intense as sh*t for a minute doesn’t actually mean anything bad.

… and following the clues of what’s happening from a place of non-attachment, along with surrendering to Pluto’s transformational energy, is showing her EXACTLY how to create the powerful legacy body of work that she’s truly here to offer.


I’m sending you love and support as you elegantly master this Mercury Retrograde and surrender to the depths of all the goodness that’s unfolding for you.

….what if the thing that was unfolding through the depths and surrender was SO much bigger and better than your mind’s original plan?

That’s what Merc Rx can do.


ps. Happy Full Moon. This pic was from just over a year ago — the first full moon after I moved to New Mexico, and I raced over to my brand new hiking spot to catch it rising.

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