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Emergent Resilience 10: Honoring Limits & Pushing Beyond: Strength Training and Nervous System healing.
In this episode, I chat with my guest Melinda Hughes, owner of The Strength Shoppe in Los Angeles.   We chat about…
– how principles of nervous system healing and strength training intersect and support each other
– why slowing down is crucial
– what happens in the nervous system when you safely meet and push past limits
– my experience of strength training as a part of a healing path
For more information about the Strength Shoppe in Pasadena and Echo Park, CA, or about working with Melinda virtually, please visit
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Rachel Hardy is an Intuitive Coach and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP), who helps you heal your nervous system, release trauma from the body, and connect more deeply to your soul’s path.


“Grace” written and recorded by Paul Briggs and used by permission.



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