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2023 Predictions Podcast

I was recently invited by my lovely colleague, Jennifer Longmore, CEO of Soul Journeys®, to join her and some other incredible women who are super clear channels on her amazing podcast, where we are sharing our 2023 predictions to support your ascension journey next year.

I’m so excited to share this with you today!

You can hear me on the “Roundtable #2” podcast, and I’ll invite you to check out both of these rich, deep conversations filled with powerful insights to support your spiritual journey in 2023.

2023 Predictions Roundtable #1:

2023 Predictions Roundtable #2:

We hope you enjoy the shows and also the special free gifts each of the attendees, myself included, have given!

Also!  If you’re feeling drawn to dive deep into your astrology chart for 2023 and explore the opportunities, lessons, themes, and energy of the year ahead, you can book with me here.

For more astrology insights from me, be sure to check out my Scorpio Rising YouTube Channel!

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