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Why is visibility a challenge for so many entrepreneurs & creatives?

There’s usually many levels (including the fact that a lot of entrepreneurs are actually extreme introverts  ‍♀️ )…. but beyond that, there’s often a trauma piece around showing up “bigger”.

At the heart of visibility trauma is a belief that it’s unsafe to be me.

Subconsciously… there’s some kind of fear that you’ll be attacked, criticized or rejected for fully being and fully sharing who you are.

There can be many roots to this, but often there were events that happened (which could have been quite young) that communicated to your nervous system: it’s not safe to fully show up and be me.

And if being visible registers as “threatening”…. it’s inevitably going to trigger that sympathetic response — activating the heart rate, increasing stress hormones, and putting the system into a high-alert state of looking for danger. (what are “they” thinking??)

This ongoing high-alert state takes it’s toll on your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body… and frequently being in this state can keep you from fully showing up and creating at your best.

One of the biggest myths about trauma healing is that you have to know what trauma is affecting you, in order to heal it.

Trauma is stored as trapped energy in the body — not necessarily as conscious memories (although there may be actual memories as well).

Take, for example, my client who was stuck on the next step she WANTED to do for expanding her business… moving online.

She was already a successful entrepreneur with a solid brick and mortar biz, and had great plans for expansion – but she felt blocked every time she tried to move forward with her online work.

She’s brilliant, motivated, determined, and extremely talented — so it was puzzling as to why she was not getting any forward momentum at all.

After we created a new “felt sense” of safety in her nervous system, re-wired some old patterns of being stuck in fight/ flight, and discharged the stored “survival stress”… a particular event emerged in her awareness.

Turns out, she was reacting to being extremely harshly judged when she showed up online many years earlier… and her body had stored that unprocessed energy as trauma.

To try to protect her from this old pain, her system had been subconsciously triggering a state of “freeze” every time she tried to move forward.

(A physiological “freeze” response might show up as a lack of clarity, indecision, foggy thinking, difficulty focusing… or even a sudden overwhelming urge to take a nap or “check out” in some way).

After we discharged the old stuck “survival stress” from her body that was attached to this particular event, my client immediately began creating videos, and successfully launched her online program… creating new streams of income and freedom for herself and her family.

This is just one example of how it’s not necessary to know in advance what’s “blocking” you… when we listen to the body’s wisdom and follow its signals, we’re led to exactly the thing that needs to release.

If you’ve got a hunch that there’s some unprocessed trauma and stress that’s holding you back from your full expression, message me about my upcoming “Calibrate” program, where we’ll…

✨ create a new felt sense of safety in your system

✨ release stuck, trapped stress and trauma energy (regardless of whether you know “what it’s about”)

✨ create calm, ease, and flow in your body… bringing you better sleep, clearer focus, and even deeper connection to the passion that drives you

✨ give you the tools to center & calm at any time (no matter how stressful things get on the outside)

✨ release any blocks to receiving at the nervous system level, so you can finally call in the income leaps you’re ready for

spots are limited, as this program is a blend of powerful group activations AND deep 1:1 somatic work.

If you’re ready to move forward FAST and create a whole new level of results and impact in 2023– contact me for more info, and we’ll chat about whether it’s a fit.

p.s. As always, there’s a major dose of intuitive work that goes into this.. and my zone of genius is feeling exactly what’s happening in your nervous system, guiding your system through the release of old “survival stress” and then HOLDING you in the new patterns while you recalibrate (this is usually the tricky piece, and where personal support is crucial).

I’ll be at your side while you move into the new upleveled states in your body that’ll become your new normal for your next level of success and expansion…. if you’d like my 1:1 support in the new year, message me through the contact form and we’ll chat.

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