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Case Study: Reconnection to Her Spiritual Gifts

it’s tough to do our highest, most divinely channeled creative work if our nervous system’s dysregulated.

like my client who came to me because she was so done with the ongoing stress she was carrying…

she wasn’t sleeping, she was irritable with her husband and kids, and she was frequently in a mix of anxiety and depression. It had been going on for years, but a recent stressful period had elevated things to a point where she knew “It’s time to be done with this.”

what’s interesting is this woman has profound spiritual gifts and connection — but in this state, she felt like she couldn’t even connect to her own insight and guidance.

this was frustrating her more deeply, both because she needed answers, and she also knew that she had so much to offer others through her gifts. She felt as if “the wires were crossed” and she couldn’t quite hear or feel the insight, connection, and guidance that she knew was there.

As I frequently see with my clients, this amazing woman has spent years doing talk therapy, inner child work, plant medicine, energy healing, craniosacral therapy, and so much more.

… and all of it had helped, to some extent— she’d experienced temporary relief, and had many profound insights and experiences — but nothing was “sticking” in her system.

(btw, this is common, when there’s an underlying baseline of dysregulation — all the healing work has nowhere to “land”)

when she came to me, she was in a pretty intense place— so we dove right in with creating safety, and teaching her system how to NOT spiral out.

Sure, it was challenging at first — this work required a totally different approach than she was used to, and her mind fought it a little bit — but fortunately her commitment to her healing was greater than her attachment to the old habits, and she was willing to go with the process.

In our second 1:1 somatic session… simply by listening to what was happening her body in present time and following her body’s impulses…. we uncovered the medical trauma from her childhood that had been wreaking havoc with her nervous system.

In the space of just a few minutes, we were able to discharge the stuck “survival stress” that had been keeping her system in a constant mix of fight/ flight/ freeze states through the years (as her body continually replayed the terror felt by her five year old self, over and over).

After our session, she felt a different kind of calm than she’d ever experienced.

she messaged me last week saying, I’m so blown away by how this is finally, finally helping me after I’ve done so much work on this…. IT’S ACTUALLY WORKING!!!

…what does that look like?

✨ she’s sleeping soundly through the night.

✨ When she gets triggered she doesn’t spiral out into panic and anxious thoughts anymore.

✨ Over the thanksgiving holiday weekend, she dealt with some immensely triggering drama at home — and using the tools she’d gained, she was able to resource and discharge the stress energy *on her own* (and sleep deeply and soundly afterwards — an amazing feat, given her years of chronic insomnia that was exacerbated by stress).

✨ AND… she’s reconnecting to her profound spiritual gifts and capacities (that have always been present, of course… she just hasn’t felt connected to herself and able to tap in to her gifts in a practical way).

I’m awed at the journey and commitment of this woman and excited for the expansion that’s continuing to happen.

If you’ve got a nudge that there’s some stored stress & trauma that’s been blocking your expansion, and it’s time to release the stress that you’re so ready to be done carrying… one of the spots in my upcoming “Calibrate” program may have your name on it.

I’m enrolling now — contact me if you’d like the info, and we can chat about whether it’s a fit.

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