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If you’re interested in the benefits of Mercury Retrograde, you’re in the right place. Personally, I think I’m more excited for this Mercury Retrograde than ever before.

(All personal planet retrogrades are portals for deep healing, and nothing to fear… but this one’s extra good). here’s why.

Virgo- Mercury’s Ruling Sign

First, this Mercury Retrograde is happening in Virgo — Mercury’s ruling sign. This means there’s massive energy shifts at play.

Yes, that means it could be extra bumpy… but the bumpiness ISN’T just about random frustration, as we’ll see….

Venus Lends her Wisdom for Extra Benefit to this Mercury Retrograde.

Second — we’ve been in a Venus retrograde for several weeks… and these two inward journeys of Venus Rx and Mercury Rx will be overlapping and combining their wisdom for us.

we started with Venus – a deep inward dive of the heart opening more deeply… and now the mind follows.

And I love that the heart went first, leading the way.

Time to Review and Revise… What’s Been Coming Through for You?

Third — notice the past three weeks. what interesting stuff has been coming through, in the realm of thoughts, ideas, insights, projects and plans?

The last 3 weeks have been Mercury’s pre-shadow period… and whatever’s been up in your world, in the realm of ideas, plans, and mental activity is going to go through an even deeper dive of review, understanding, and processing).

for me it’s been life-changing stuff — that’s why I’m excited.

woman on top of mountains looking into the distance

So, those ideas you’re bubbling with lately — especially ones that feel different and new — they still have more percolating to do.

And that’s a good thing – they’re not fully cooked yet.

Merc Rx is when they GET to be revised, reviewed and refined to be their full expression of what you’re meant to understand, know, communicate, and share.

(This doesn’t mean you CAN’T put your new ideas out there, or launch your latest thing).

There’s no set of “rules” of what you can’t do in a mercury retrograde…. at it’s most basic, it’s about listening more deeply inward, and being aware that there’ll be revisions and reviews to come.

(so, for example — it might be an amazing time for a beta round of a new program, to gather more data and listen and learn)

The process isn’t finished yet.

(But really, is it ever? The opportunity for the review process is just deeper, and more potent, now).

The Energy of the Great Awakener benefits this Mercury Retrograde.

Fourth – a trine to Uranus kicks off this Mercury retrograde, bringing its energy into the mix.

Uranus is “The Great Awakener”…. his sole purpose is to wake us up to higher consciousness.

As someone ruled by Aquarius (Uranus’ home), I happen to love the electric, inspirational, otherworldly and rapidly downloading ideas that Uranus energy brings.

Sudden shifts and out of the blue changes? Uranus brings it all. And the newness of insight that comes with them.

And this is what I’m in that excites me… feeling the newness, of ideas still forming, and of what’s not yet felt and known.

No Need to Fear Mercury Retrogrades… the Benefits are Huge

Mercury retrogrades AREN’T something to be feared.

Yep, technology often does go wacky.

Things glitch. Communication gets weird.

And in all fairness, this one might be extra edgy, happening in Mercury’s home sign of Virgo, and with some dicey aspects to Pluto (communication power struggles)

personally, I’m gonna be choosing to watch all things that require detail MORE carefully than ever.

(including international travel plans I’m putting in place right now) 😅

So yes — double check all the details of anything that needs it!

Keeping it in Perspective

But beyond that, really……….. what if things do glitch?

🔥 And what if the glitches do feel frustrating?

🔥 What if the frustration and annoyance are simply feeling states that pass?

🔥 Bringing an opportunity to pause, breathe, and connect inwardly a bit deeper?

🔥 A reminder to drop out of the endless mind chatter and into the heart… newly deepened in its own wisdom journey?

🔥 What if the gifts beneath the surface are 100x’s more than the temporary inconvenience or frustration?

….when we drop beneath the surface of the mind, there’s rich rewiring and recalibrating happening.

Consciousness diving deep, in communication with the inner self.

And what’s ready to be released will emerge to be felt and breathed.

Tap into the Benefits of Mercury Retrograde.

Ready to thrive in this Mercury retrograde in Virgo?

I’ve recording a guided somatic meditation to support you in soaring through the twists and turns of this inner journey with connection, grace, and ease.

You can download it right here.

Enjoy this Mercury Retrograde, and the brilliance and genius coming through you!

Ready for More Wisdom from the Cosmos?

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