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Healing from trauma is about coming back into your body. It’s about reclaiming your space, renewing your right to existence, returning to the heart of you.

In our quest to heal, to live a spiritual, high-vibe, positively focused life, sometimes it’s tempting to push over the places that feel less good. “If I can just focus better… be more positive… “

But healing is about reclaiming all the places. All the sensations. All the comfortable and uncomfortable, the easy and the choppy, the disjointed and the smooth and the pain and the relief.

In Somatic Experiencing, we work with the concept of energy wells. The capacity to contain the energy that we hold. When our bodies go through trauma, a contraction happens. The body’s capacity “shrinks” in order to stay within a small amount of energy that it can feel safe with. Big surges of energy- even pleasurable ones- can rock the boat. And so our capacity shrinks to a space that feels manageable, and safe.

But reclaiming all of our energy and power means reclaiming and re-feeling the parts that have been abandoned, disconnected, and shut down.

How can you allow yourself, today, to feel a bit of the parts of you that have been pushed aside? To experience a small bit of the sensation, the emotion that may have been judged or pushed aside?

In allowing the sensations and feeling the emotions, we begin to reclaim our power. By gently allowing ourselves to feel more of what our bodies have held and stored, we expand the capacity of our systems to contain more energy and freedom.

Is there a small bit of uncomfortable sensation you can notice and allow? Track it gently for a moment. You’ll find that uncomfortable sensations will shift. The energy moves. The feeling changes. And our capacity for goodness and for the fullness of all of our experiences expands.

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