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When the triggers and the stress storms hit, where do you go?

Is there a safe place in your body that feels a bit less activated, a bit less stressed?

Finding solace in our bodies- a space that’s less charged, an area that’s more calm, more peaceful- can help us to ground when the stress hits and the triggers are firing.

But what do you do if there is no safe space inside? If the body has been through trauma, it may not feel like a safe place…. ever.

In working with body-based trauma release, one of the first things we do is help clients start to find “pockets” of safety. A little bit of an area that’s less bad. A bit of space that’s easier and calmer.

Over time, the pockets of safety start to become more like islands. We can start to connect the dots and feel larger areas of goodness. More spaces of okay-ness come online. The body starts to become our ally in healing.

Take a moment to notice if there’s an area of goodness in the body you can find, right now. Or is there an area that’s more okay? More neutral?

Notice into that area. Explore its nuances- size, shape, texture. Explore the feeling of safety.

If we’ve been living in fight/ flight for months, years, or decades, neutral might feel boring at first. It may feel challenging to be in the neutral space for a bit. But as we befriend the “neutral”, it starts to become safe. The body becomes more of a landing place, a resource, a safety zone. And we discover the vast array of healing capacity that our organisms hold.

Where can you find a bit more safety today? Where can you find a bit of goodness?

I’m hosting a free Zoom call for anyone who needs some extra support right now in connecting to the goodness in your body (or creating some). The call will be Thursday March 18th, 2020, at 6:00 pm Pacific. Email me for the link to join!

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