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The Safe Spaces

When the triggers and the stress storms hit, where do you go? Is there a safe place in your body that feels a bit less activated, a bit less stressed? Finding solace in our bodies- a space that’s less charged, an area that’s more calm, more peaceful- can help us to ground when the stress…

Befriending the Uncomfortable Sensations

Healing from trauma is about coming back into your body. It’s about reclaiming your space, renewing your right to existence, returning to the heart of you. In our quest to heal, to live a spiritual, high-vibe, positively focused life, sometimes it’s tempting to push over the places that feel less good. “If I…

Sensation: The Language of the Reptile Brain

“You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves” - - Mary Oliver In the personal growth and self help worlds, we often work with our mindset, our thoughts, and our beliefs. Often, we work with our our emotions, and typically we come from an intellectual and “understanding”…

Her intuitive gifts, combined with cutting edge nervous system & body-based trauma release work allows these amazing leaders to break through their money ceilings, clear outdated anxiety and fear, and confidently step into the next level of their soul’s path. 

Rachel’s currently on a full-time travel and nomadic journey, expanding her capacity for joy through exploring beautiful places in nature, trusting the path as it unfolds, and creating “home” in connections all around the planet.

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