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One of the top signs that your Nervous System needs regulating is being stuck in that state of “hard to shut off”.

It can look like…..

✖️Not getting quality sleep (even when you’re doing all the right things)

✖️Unable to be fully present with family or loved ones – the mind’s always somewhere else

✖️As soon as you truly start to relax, that “alert” response kicks in….. and you remember something really, really, really important that you have to take care of RIGHT NOW..

sound familiar?

…. I see this all the time in high functioning leaders who are so used to being “on” that it feels normal… and the body’s forgotten how to truly let go and come into that deep, restful parasympathetic state.

And, you KNOW this is affecting your ability to deeply tap into your creative essence, your spiritual connection, and the heart and soul of all you’re here to offer.

When we bring your nervous system back to regulation, these are the kinds of results we see…

✨Your body remembers how to relax (on it’s own) — no endless practices needed

✨You’re able to truly be present, enjoy the moments and soak in the quality time

✨The irritations subside — and the “small stuff” you don’t WANT to sweat miraculously becomes less a big deal.

✨…but maybe my favorite results are when the creative juice comes back, the flow turns on again, and the JOY of all that you’re creating comes fully back online.

✨ So that your work lights you up again, you remember what you’re doing it for, and the results… in the form of clients, bookings and income – – Just. Flow.

THIS is the power and magic of connecting to our bodies and their wisdom.

If you’re not already in my FB group, join me for an upcoming series of workshops — where I’ll show you what’s really going on when you’re “stuck on”… and HOW to get back in the flow so you can get on with effortlessly working your magic.

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