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It’s no secret that our early formative years were instrumental in laying in our nervous system’s foundations.

At a very young age, we learned deep in our bodies what felt “safe” – and what did not.

And it may have not felt safe to fully be who we truly were.

Even if there was no actual abuse or neglect… even if your caretakers were loving and well intentioned… there may not have been an understanding or acceptance of your true essence and energy. You may have felt different. That who you were wasn’t fully understood or safe to be.

(…. sensitive little nervous systems pick that up, REAL fast).

Or perhaps the home life was safe… but out in the world, you received the message that who you were was NOT okay.

When we learn early on that it’s not safe to express who we are, we can internalize at deep levels that it’s not safe to EXPAND into our full, true essence.

And this is one reason why true expansion in the direction of your soul’s growth, your deepest creative potential can FEEL so highly triggering — even life-threatening.

Why the fight/ flight response gets triggered so powerfully when we try to move forward.

Or why the system goes into a “freeze” or shutdown when we try to plan, think, or create our next step.

Even successes, or “positive” jumps can feel highly scary!

… especially if it might cause others to be unhappy or uncomfortable.

…. especially if we might not be understood or accepted.

Staying small was a survival skill….when we were dependent on bigger humans for our very existence.

And expansion felt like losing that safety – and losing that love.

Take a moment to notice your breath, your body, your environment- where you are right now.

Take a look at the glorious, incredible human that you’ve become — and know that you are fully resourced in your own power.

Know that you CAN rewire your nervous system to feel safe, again… all the way to the most primal depths of who you are.

(Lmk if this resonates).

And remember…

“I no longer have to stay small in order to survive”

“It is safe to be me”

“My spirit thrives and flourishes as I support my own well-being”

…. you are amazing.

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