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lion life force energy

We’ve all felt it… the surge of emotion. The wave of intensity. The energy that fills our beings that some part of us says is “too much”.

As a resourced, awake, aware goddess… you probably know intellectually that you’re NOT too much. That every bit of you is divine.

And yet…. there’s a part of us that can hold back on a deeper level- because we unconsciously fear the intensity of our power, our emotions, our depth.

…. often this “holding back” starts realllllly young.

Because our nervous systems are formed and shaped in our early years (particularly by our primary caregivers).

If our primary caregivers were in their own regulation- with healthy nervous systems, able to be emotionally present and attuned… then they were able to *hold space for* and mirror back to us our own energy and power.

But if our caregivers were stuck in their own trauma – perhaps well meaning, but in their own anxiety or depression… perhaps in dysregulation and not able to be fully present with themselves… then the sheer ENERGY of a healthy young nervous system often registers as “too much.”

And so what happens?

That young, exuberant nervous system- filled with energy and intensity and rage and love and sheer depth of expression at being a newly embodied being in this world… is quieted. Is hushed. Is silenced. Maybe is even shamed for being too much.

And we learn to stifle, to suppress that intense energy, that life force, that depth of primal being and expression that’s meant to flow.

We learn this, often, before we even understand why – or what’s happening. We only sense that our full energy is not welcome. That something’s wrong.

Is there any part of you that needs to reclaim the fullness of the power you came in with? That life force vital energy, that intense emotion, that fire?

What’s asking to be reclaimed, now?

Is there any energy that’s been suppressed and unconsciously labelled “too much” — that’s simply YOUR divine birthright to own?

Is there a piece of your energy and intensity that’s ready to be invited back, welcomed home?

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