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Archetypal Astrology promotes understanding and embodiment of the astrological transits in a real way so you can incorporate them into your life and choices.

Working with your Records gives me a clear path into the information that needs to come through for the current experiences you are moving through.

This is an approach aims to bring harmony to a body including mind and spirit by attuning to present moment needs indicated by the nervous system response.

Somatic Healing works on the nervous system level to heal trauma responses trapped in the body.


Her intuitive gifts, combined with cutting edge nervous system & body-based trauma release work allows these amazing leaders to break through their money ceilings, clear outdated anxiety and fear, and confidently step into the next level of their soul’s path. 

Rachel’s currently on a full-time travel and nomadic journey, expanding her capacity for joy through exploring beautiful places in nature, trusting the path as it unfolds, and creating “home” in connections all around the planet.

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