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Setting up an Account with Acuity


Acuity is the scheduling system where you’ll be booking your appointments.

There are two ways to use Acuity- you can register for an account; or by default, you will be logged in as a “guest”.

I highly recommend registering for an account… it’ll make it simple to track and manage your appointments!


How do I register for an account?

  • During the process of booking a session, you’ll see a button that says “register for an account”.
  • Click on that button, and you’ll be prompted to set up a user name and password.
  • You’ll then simply log in to your account by navigating to each time you want to book  a session, or see what you have coming up.


Alternate method to set up an account:

  • If you’ve already booked a session, you can open up any one of your confirmation or reminder emails.
  • Scroll down to the brown button that says “Cancel/ Change appointment” and click on that.
  • You’ll be taken to the screen you see above, that gives you the option to Register for an Account.
  • Click on “Register for an account” and follow the prompts to set up a password


How do I reschedule an appointment?

  • Log into your account at and you will see a list of “Upcoming Appointments”. Click on any appointment date, and you will see an option to “Reschedule”.
  • OR, you can reschedule by opening your confirmation or reminder email. Scroll down to the brown button that says “Cancel/ Change Appointment”. Click on that and reschedule your session.

How do I use my package to pay for a session?

  • You can use either the code you received at checkout, or your user email address. Click on the button that says “redeem coupon or package” and enter your email or your code.

How do I check what I have already booked?

How do I know my booking/ rescheduling went through?

  • You will receive a confirmation email each time you successfully book or reschedule an appointment.


What if I have further questions not answered here?



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