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I'm Rachel, a Nervous System Coach and Spiritual Mentor for purpose-driven souls.

I’m the secret weapon behind spiritual leaders and conscious entrepreneurs — helping them reclaim their time & energy and increase their impact by clearing hidden blocks due to stress & trauma.



my story

In 2016, my life looked very successful from the outside.  I was running a thriving bodywork practice, booked out with a waitlist for weeks, and getting incredible results for my clients. 

… and internally, I was in a major healing crisis.

… back when I was fourteen, I became ill with a viral infection that wouldn’t heal.  I was eventually diagnosed with an autoimmune condition called Myalgic Encephalitis/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

As a teen, I saw endless doctors, gave myself daily shots to boost my immune system, and took countless medications, but nothing got to the root of what was going on in my body.

I learned to get by, navigating multiple symptoms ranging from extreme fatigue to random bouts of vertigo to clinical depression; and my once- photographic memory was replaced with brain fog.


I made it my mission to find answers. My life became one long exploration… first of Western medicine and then the holistic health world (which wasn’t so mainstream quite yet). 

And though symptoms improved, and I learned and embodied an immense amount of valuable info through my search…  getting through each day was an ongoing challenge.

Still, I’d managed to turn my passion for body-mind wellness into a successful business, and was creating incredible results for hundreds of clients, blending Myofascial Release, energy work, and my intuitive skills that allowed me to sense where blocks lived in someone’s system. 

I was watching clients heal from chronic pain conditions, recover from burnout, and experience major breakthroughs in their work and lives through releasing trauma stored in the body.

In 2016 I made a decision to go off the antidepressant meds that had kept me functioning…. and that’s when my physical and mental health crashed in the scariest possible ways.

I found myself stuck in  bizarre withdrawal symptoms from going off the meds,  along with a mad resurgence of the chronic issues I’d carefully managed for so long –  and a nervous system in extreme dysregulation that nothing seemed to touch.




Caught in a spiral with no relief, I swung between panic attacks, unexplainable surges of terror, electric shocks in my brain, and completely crashing from utter exhaustion, as I made my way through the longest year of my life.

It was during this dark night of the soul that I was introduced to the power of nervous system healing and body-based trauma release… which would change the game for me.

Really understanding the nervous system connection tied so many pieces together…

… the early trauma.  The depression.  The unexplained physical symptoms that nothing quite solved.  The seeming “blocks” in my ability to manifest what I knew I was capable of (even while my spiritual practice was central to my whole life and very being).

It was through releasing the stored trauma at a body level — along with the journey of reclaiming the full depths of my spiritual gifts —  that the depression, and all of the physical symptoms I’d dealt with for decades, finally fully healed.

(Reclaiming my full health in my forties was a totally wild experience…I’d completely forgotten what it felt like to have all the energy I needed, and just feel good in my body, as a normal thing). 

Even more importantly...I came into my power.


 I connected to my ability to truly create my life and desires (instead of operating from default trauma responses). I learned how to see where I was blocking myself and move beyond it with ease – through partnering with my nervous system in the most effective ways and leaning into my spiritual guidance.

Back in the midst of the darkest hour, I said to myself:  “if I actually make it through this… there’s no way I can NOT learn as much as I can about this work”

And so I enrolled in a three year training as a Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner,  so I could get the most thorough possible education and training in nervous system wellness and body-based trauma release. 

Furthering my spiritual and intuitive work, I studied and trained in the Akashic Records, first with Helen Vonderheide, and then with Jennifer Longmore,  becoming a certified Consultant and then Teacher in the Soul Journeys® Method of working in the Akashic Records.




In a dance with my soul’s guidance, I closed down my hands on practice, and rebuilt my work in a way that allowed me to go even deeper to the very core of my clients’ patterns and traumas. 

Drawing from over 10,000 client sessions and the step-by-step processes I’d experienced on my own journey, I developed my own pathways for re-wiring the seemingly “stuck” places – through the power of body-based trauma release, nervous system regulation, energetic work, and deep soul guidance and support.   

It’s my honor and joy to share with you today my signature blend of nervous system regulation, somatic healing, and spiritual work – taking you past the “set points” and beyond perceived limits, into the next level of all you’re here to be.

If you know you’ve got more to create, and you want to regulate your nervous system for your soul’s highest expression with ease and joy.. drop me a note and let’s chat.

all my love,


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