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Heal Your Nervous System and Thrive

a 16-week deep dive to rewire your nervous system, release stored stress and trauma, and reconnect you to your body’s innate healing capacity

Beautiful Soul, is this you…

  • you’re feeling a  buildup of stress that’s keeping you from being at your best- even with your meditation practice and all of the healing things
  • you have difficulty relaxing- it’s hard to “turn off” and be truly present with your loved ones
  • you’re not getting restful sleep – perhaps waking up exhausted even after going to bed early
  • you’re feeling driven by external triggers & stressors – instead of by the mission that drives you
  • you find yourself irritable & snapping at loved ones (OR – stuck in a “fawn” response and unable to communicate your true thoughts & feelings)
  • body tension, especially in the jaw, neck, shoulders
  • random aches and pains (that don’t have an obvious physical cause)
  • stubborn weight gain (even when you’re doing all the right things)

…you may already be aware that stored stress is often at the root of these symptoms.  

And even though you’re doing your best to live a healthy lifestyle, and you’ve probably tried so many things already to manage the stress…

  • yoga
  • meditation
  • mindfulness & spiritual practices
  • talk therapy
  • breathwork
  • magnesium supplements
  • adaptogenic herbs
  • journalling
  • awareness of emotions & thoughts shifting your mindset
  • etc.

If you’re doing all the things, but there’s a level of stress that you can’t seem to let go of…. it may be due to trauma and stress that’s trapped in the body.

What’s important to understand is that even if our minds have processed an event, our body and nervous systems can continue to react to past stress or trauma… and keep replaying the past as if it’s still happening in the present.

Heal Your Nervous System and Thrive is a 16-week deep dive

to rewire your nervous system, release stored stress and trauma, and reconnect you to your body’s innate healing capacity – while restoring and deepening your spiritual connection and creative flow.

  • We’ll rewire your Nervous System to have a healthy response to stress (instead of getting stuck in the old, fixated patterns) and we’ll release trapped stress & trauma that’s been stored in your body (for months, years, even decades).


  • You’ll receive weekly trainings and activations to re-pattern your nervous system


  • I’ll be handing you my toolkit of somatic practices to train your system how to  get quickly back in the flow after a wobble


  • We’ll work hand in hand  to learn YOUR nervous system’s unique paths and patterns, and customize your quickest path to true regulation


  •  You’ll have extensive 1:1 support through personal sessions and Voxer connection with me… as we get to know your nervous system, learn your body’s unique needs, clear and release stored stress and trauma, and rewire your neural pathways for optimal flow


  • You’ll walk away with a clear, settled, and centered nervous system, the powerful tools and nuanced understanding of exactly HOW to work with the  triggers and wobbles, and an unshakeable confidence as you make your next big leap– because your system no longer needs to crash after you’ve uplevelled.

This journey is for you if…

  • You’ve done all the healing things, but find yourself up against stubborn blocks or “upper limits” that aren’t shifting

  • Some part of you knows your Nervous System needs rewiring…. along with spiritual support and guidance to set you back on track, so you feel like yourself again and can move forward in your highest potential

  • You’re able to self-resource and can move through the ups and downs of the healing process (with support)

  • You have a spiritual practice (of any form) and a desire to incorporate your nervous system healing journey with your spiritual path

  • You have a high level of self leadership and personal responsibility and can own your journey and results

Interested in the Heal Your Nervous System and Thrive Program?  use the form below to drop me a note… or, feel free book a 25 min call and we can chat.