Client Love

Josephine Hardman

hey Rachel, just wanted to share that I had an important realization related to our work together. Right now, I have more business than ever — I’m booked for 3 solid weeks and requests for sessions are still coming in.

I just sat down outside in the yard and realized that something has happened with my nervous system because it is now allowing me to receive all of these clients, bookings, and ATTENTION from others.

I’m able to show up much more open, without a rigid agenda, and to allow things to unfold in the moment… I know this comes from feeling much more solid in my body…grounded, confident, connected.

Helen Vonderheide

I am just so grateful for this work. I feel like this will revolutionize the heath and wellness industry.

In working with Rachel, I experienced and understand what it feels like to regulate my nervous system…I’ve noticed these changes have helped me help people more in sessions. I am able to detect when a client’s nervous system is offline or stuck. I also detect when there is trauma that has created issues or disease. I’m more in tune with my body and its sensations, and I’m aware of when my body is communicating and how it’s trying to relay messages to me.

Barbara Moroncini

Rachel is a master technician, but what is exceptional about her is her insight, her ability to listen and link what the words say to what the body needs.   She is a phenomenal guide through the meanders of the mind/body connection, and if you want to go there, she will help you find the places where the source of the symptom is stored (be it physiological or psychological trauma), and unlock it, with care and compassion.   I am truly, mightily grateful for her work, for her curiosity, and her willingness to reach for better, clearer planes.   

Kay Lee Hamilton

I feel more confident in how to respond to negative or stressful situations… I can safely feel my physical body’s reactions and work with my mind to regulate the fear factors. Rachel gave me the tools to handle things that I wouldn’t have known how to do. I feel more secure in my own being and knowing I am in control of my responses.

Rachel is the best person to work with on a very deep level of intuitive learning and manifesting mind/ body/ spirit work. She is someone I trust implicitly…she explains things in a way that is helpful and easy to relate to. Her knowledge is vast and deep. She goes way beyond what is on the surface level to get to the core energy of a persons being.

Mital Khatri

I feel much more in touch with my body and grounded. I also noticed my reactions have slowed down, so I’m able to have more space between myself and my triggers. Perhaps the biggest shift was my expanded capacity to love myself. I had major breakthroughs, and feel more love for myself on a visceral and emotional level. I have a new arsenal of somatic tools that help me to ground, get centered, and move energy when I need to. I am also able to connect with my heart much more easily and love myself

Working with Rachel is such a delight! She is so calm, caring, loving, non-judgmental, and wise. It was such a safe space for me to be nurtured and supported.

Eliza Wheeler

My headaches and migraines have lessened in frequency and intensity, (even while work and life circumstances have become more stressful externally)…this is a clear departure from past pain patterns that have consistently shown up with periods of stress. I’ve found myself saying “this would have been a migraine” many times.

In addition, I’ve noticed that my relationships have improved….I’m more able to be around the changing energy of the people in my life without absorbing their energy like a sponge.

Delphine Rose Lumiere

As an intuitive myself, I could instantly feel that Rachel was going to hold an incredibly loving sacred space for our sessions together. Rachel creates a spaciousness that allows clarity and insights to be reached rapidly… my sessions helped me to shift a really sticky and challenging situation, reset at cellular level, and align with my deeper truth.

Natalie Woodman

The wisdom, guidance and clearings that came through in my sessions were incredible. Rachel helped me open my heart to trusting that my heart knows and what it is telling me…this was a potent session in shifting and clearing energy held in the body.I’m able to connect with and trust my heart wisdom much more.

Shelley Tomelin

My stiff back has been an issue for years…. after this past session, I had my back become supple and soft for the 1st time ever in my life. I can lean “back into myself” This shift has already had me stand in my own truth expressing in a much powerful way than I have ever done. I feel I have a “new backbone” for where I’m going and what I’m doing!

Adam Wheeler

For the first time in my life I’ve been able to truly connect with the deep, complex sensations of my nervous system and experience them for what they are. The tools I’ve learned have allowed me to understand those sensations, and to keep the energy in my system flowing more naturally – preventing the energy from becoming stuck in painful ways.