About Me


I’m Rachel, an Intuitive Mentor and Coach for Purpose-Driven Souls.

I love supporting conscious, creative, spiritual entrepreneurs in making their next leap in clarity, impact and income by releasing hidden blocks due to stress and trauma.

My search into  spirituality, holistic health, and body-mind wellness began quite young.  When I was fourteen, I became ill with an autoimmune disorder called Myalgic Encephalitis/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Clinical depression soon followed. The lack of answers that I found in the medical system would fuel a lifelong search into healing and wellness on all levels.

It wouldn’t be till thirty years later, in my forties, that the miracle would happen….  and I’d finally experience the complete healing of the physical/ mental/ emotional issues that I thought I was destined to “just live with”…. including the full reversal of all the chronic “mystery illness” symptoms that I’d lived with for so long.

Living in a body that effortlessly feels good is an experience I’d forgotten, and didn’t expect to ever have happen again.

Which has led to one of my mottos in this life: Anything can be healed.

Along the path of searching, I was always drawn to help others.

I trained in Bodywork and Energy Healing, and was soon running a thriving and full private practice specializing in Myofascial Release.  Working with hundreds of clients and going deep into the body-mind interface, I learned much about how bodies and energy systems hold stress and trauma patterns.

An extreme dark night of the soul period led me into exploring body-based trauma release and nervous system healing, as part of my personal path.  This work, combined with my spiritual journey and multiple healing practices, finally culminated in a triumphant total reversal of the physical and mental health challenges I’d lived with for my whole life.

I’d never expected that the chronic symptoms I’d learned to live with for decades — and the depression that felt like such a part of me — could actually be 100% gone.

Miracles Happen.

I’d studied astrology for twenty years as part of my personal path — it spoke a language I resonated with, of myth and meaning — a larger story that provided a source of greater understanding through the deepest challenges.

I had no expectation or plans for doing astrology readings as a service for others till 2020, when I was talking a lot about the energetic patterns of what was happening in the world, and people started knocking on my door, asking me for readings.

I now blend my love for astrology with my training in nervous system healing for an embodied approach to integrating the deeper story of your journey and evolution.  (Want to learn to read your own chart?  Check out my YouTube channel).

Another source of connection for me was the Akashic Records. I was introduced to the Records in 2017 through my amazing teacher and dear friend Helen VonderHeide.  In 2021 I was guided to further training with Jennifer Longmore in the Soul Journeys® method of working with the Akashic Records.  I incorporate this soul-work into all of my offers now, and if you’re interested in learning to access the Akashic Records for yourself, you can find when I’m teaching my next class here.

Today, I work mainly with conscious creatives and experienced entrepreneurs who are well-resourced, self-sufficient, and have done their own journey of healing work– but find themselves up against a “missing piece” in their healing or moving to their next level.

If you’ve done all the healing work but find stubborn patterns that refuse to shift…. we may want to look at what’s happening with your nervous system along with your spiritual journey…. and where dysregulation or trapped trauma in the body may be holding things in survival patterns.

Healing and regulating your nervous system, combined with a connection to your soul’s inner guidance and direction, can be transformational in healing places that nothing’s seemed to touch.

You can hear more from my clients here.

My training and the formal stuff…. In 2000, I received my CMT certification from Hands on Healing Institute in Tujunga, CA, followed by  my Energy Work certification from Heather White (in the style and lineage of Rosalyn Bruyerre). I went on to do extensive advanced training in Myofascial Release from Hands on Healing, Human Potential & Social Artistry Training with Jean Houston, and Neurokinetic Therapy with David Weinstock. In 2018-2021 I completed a three year professional training program as a Certified Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner, going deep into Dr. Peter Levine’s groundbreaking trauma healing work.  In 2021, I certified as a Soul Journeys® Trauma-Informed Akashic Records Consultant and Practitioner.  I’m currently completing a teacher training program in the Soul Journeys® Method to acess the Akashic Records.

I’ve been honored to hold space for hundreds of clients while doing over 10,000 sessions in private practice, and hold each session as a as sacred portal and connection.

Trauma is systemic and not just individual, and larger societal issues including race, gender, class, and disability are a necessary piece of any trauma work. I support ongoing efforts to repair systemic oppression, and to uplift and support voices that have historically been oppressed and suppressed. I honor your journey, and listen with an open and learning heart to the wisdom you bring to our work together.

I’m a strong supporter of medical freedom and choice, and oppose any mandates or regulations that would restrict an individual from their empowered choice in caring for the health of themselves and their families. If you’ve been affected by these kinds of issues, I hold sacred space for your full experience and healing.

For more about how we can work together, see here.